My Marketing Internship

… and the skills I’ve acquired over seven short weeks.

As a seven year old, planning birthday parties and other events of the second grade was my niche. Fast forward fifteen years and I was a trilingual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with no idea of what to do for a job. It was at this point in my life when I did the best thing I could have done and started my own business to give myself experience in a world where I couldn’t find any. I started Pop Up Party, an event management business that led me to my greatest passion.


From there, I developed my fire for marketing. Taking my skills, knowledge, and first-hand experience, I went back to school and began a new job.

As an assistant in a sales and marketing office for Salton Appliances, I get to do a lot of interesting things. Working on a small team allows me the opportunity to wear many hats: some days I am packing boxes with product prototypes for an out-of-town trade event, some days I am preparing sales reports and presentations for my talented colleagues, and some days I am leading my own market research for new social media campaigns to implement. This position is reminiscent of small business days, and affords me plenty of creative freedoms (as well as a chance to show off my planning and project management skills).

Each day was a little bit different, so I was given the opportunity to let my entrepreneurial spirit flourish and try something new every day. That being said, it was always my favourite to be able to work on creating digital content and show my strengths in social media, copy creation, and website management – these are my preferred exercises for branding and sometimes they get a bit lost when it comes to small sales team.



Recently, my boss allowed me to work remotely for a few days and try the products in my own home. I turned this assignment into a digital campaign revolving around National Chocolate Week. In this situation, I picked a different product from our assortment each day and used it to create a chocolate-y treat. I brainstormed, photographed, and edited the images myself and turned the assignment into an integrated campaign across several platforms. It was a huge hit at home and at the office!

Top Tips I Learned During My Internship

Be a team player

There’s nothing worse than being on a team with one person who just won’t carry their weight – don’t be that person. In your career, or in anything you do in life, be the backbone of the team. When others fail, be the person who will venture on with strong resolve and persistence, committed to getting the job done. Be reliable, be confident, be committed.

Learn to voice your opinion

One of the most surprising incidents during my internship was the first time I was asked for my opinion. Sitting at a conference table in our show room, the team was discussing which colour would be most successful in terms of retail sales for a particular line of products: blue, grey, black, or red? He asked everyone at the table to rank the colours in order from most successful to least successful – including myself. Most of the team members predicted red to be the most successful in the lineup and blue as being least. When it came to my turn, I spoke up saying that I thought blue, in fact, would be most successful, and I apologized as I had no experience to base that decision off and it was purely my subjective opinion on the most pleasing colour. He encouraged me not to apologize for my opinion, as it was as good a guess as anyone else’s. From that moment on, I learned to speak my mind with confidence – because I was hired for the value my opinion would bring.

Being five minutes early is the key to success

From my first day of placement to the last, I was always early to work. Many of my colleagues would arrive shortly after me, but find me sitting in my office, diligently working at my desk, drinking my coffee and sometimes eating my packed breakfast. They always commented on my preparedness and said that it showed true eagerness to work. There’s nothing wrong with being five minutes early, but try not to be five minutes late.

When given the opportunity to take on a solo project, always, always, ALWAYS take it

Working on a small team gave me the opportunity to work on a lot of marketing projects with little oversight, and in coming up with something for me to do for the day, tasks would be offered and I would always take them on. The key to working on multiple things at once is to clarify priorities with your boss before starting, so that you know what will be expected of you be the hour’s, the day’s and the week’s end. Never turning down a task as the intern shows your willingness to work and to learn new things. If the task that is put before you is something new to you, communicate your novice and ask for oversight – make it known that you’re willing to learn as much as you’re willing to lead.

I am so happy to be part of this team! Follow the rest of my journey on my personal instagram (visible on the side bar) as well as on the company’s social media I will be taking over @SaltonGroup



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