Dip Art DIY: Mr. Kate Inspired

In what some refer to as a DIYnado, it’s hard to filter through the actually “doable” projects in a sea of ideas that require a million dollar budget and professional craftsmanship. How does one ever find real DIY inspiration.

Enter, Mr. Kate. Known for her incredible room transformations on YouTube, Mr. Kate is so much more than that. In her own words, Kate Albrecht is

“a leader in the creative lifestyle movement, producing and distributing high quality home, style and beauty content”

but in my opinion, she is my first stop when it comes to invigorating design.

Months ago, she posted a video on her YouTube channel showing a dip-dye art piece as project to transform an entire room – since then, I’ve been lusting over the idea of recreating it. When it was time to design my Easter tablescape last month, I shopped the Salvation Army home department with open eyes, and sought the cutest cherry-blossom-sparrow print. For $4, I couldn’t resist picking it up and finally completing a DIY that required more than a hot glue gun.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. A framed piece of art of your choice
  2. A bottle of acrylic paint in the colour of your choice
  3. A sponge-tip paint brush
  4. A roll of masking tape

This project is pretty self-explanatory.

Use the masking tape to mark off a section to be painted as though it’s been dipped in paint. It could be a straight line, like I did. For a more avant-garde look, use the tape to section off a diagonal line.


Begin painting the surface of your frame. Don’t forget to paint the frame itself to complete the dipped look! Since acrylic paints require porosity to adhere to a surface, painting on a glass/plastic frame will be difficult, and the paint will retain brushstrokes. Fret not – you can achieve a completely opaque look.



Build the opacity of the paint colour by applying as many layers as possible. It is very important to apply thinly and allow layers to dry before applying more.


When your project is completely dry, peel off your masking tape and touch up as needed. Now have fun displaying your project in your home! Use the colours of your art and the colour of your paint to play off other elements of the room and take pride in your recycled masterpiece.


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.44.06 PM


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