The Perfect Easter Tablescape

I love any excuse to throw a dinner party, but holidays are my favourite. “Why?” you may (probably not) ask… Because the theme has already been decided for you. Just pick a few of your favourite colours and away you go with the decorating. This year, I’ve been really loving blues. When I saw a set of three blue and white porcelain canisters with a  really pretty regal motif at the thrift store, I knew I would base the rest of my decor around those pieces.

The Dining Table


After choosing those as my core pieces, I hit Winners for more Easter props to build my theme. I decided to bring out the white from the china and gold, as I always try to incorporate a metal to change up the texture. I found this really amazing giant golden egg, a decorated matte-white egg, a white cake stand for added height, and a gold and white vase that incorporates matte white as well as an ovular pattern that resembles the shape of an egg. I got really lucky with my finds at Winners and think they all work really well together to create a dynamic centrepiece.


When putting it all together, there were some other pieces that were important to the design. I found a tablecloth at Walmart that matched the design on the canisters perfectly. But it is important to break up the pattern as to not overwhelm the eye. For this, I found a white table runner with a simple line of circles running down each sides. Pro Tip: THEME. THEME. THEME. Look for details on your pieces that play off details on other pieces to create an all-encompassing look. For my design, I looked for pieces that had gold, blue and white china pattern, ovals/circles, white/off-white, etc. I spread this theme across the table, as well as across the room. I added little gold candle holders with a circle motif on a china dish to move the theme across the table and add a little more to the design.


As for the table setting itself, I kept it pretty simple. A white dotted charger plate under a white dinner plate. To spruce it up, however, I added a gold lining of tissue paper (DIY hack since I couldn’t find nice linens) and a small dish holding some nesting and a gold foil egg I found at Dollar Tree. These are the same eggs on sticks I used in my floral arrangement for the centrepiece – all found at Dollar Tree. I dip-painted the silverware to match my dip-painted artwork on the console table.

The Console Table

I was really inspired by a piece of art that I saw at the thrift store that I knew I wanted to incorporate somehow into my tablescape. It is a beautiful spring-themed painting of sparrows and cherry blossoms but I needed to find a way to work it into my colour palette. I was lucky enough the print was already cased in a simple gold frame but needed something more. I remember seeing a Mr. Kate DIY about dip-painted vintage artwork to make it modern and incorporate it into your design. I used a light blue acrylic paint to achieve the look, also used to jazz up the silverware.


To incorporate the blue china onto the console table, I found these candlesticks and used them with some plain white candles. I also found a pretty glass votive with some gold wiring wrapped around the bottom third but was really unsure on how to use in my design. In a moment of sheer genius, I turned it upside down, placed some nesting on it and a few gold-foiled eggs and created a cute little bird’s nest. It turned out really nicely! The other side of the console table consists of another blue china candlestick holder and candle, a DIY chalkboard art in a faded gold frame with some faux white roses in a faded gold vase on a white cake stand for added height.


Overall, I really love the way it turned out! Let me know what you think, and stay tuned for days involved with this project for last-minute Easter inspiration.




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