How To Incorporate Colour Into Your Life

… and Other Ways to Become Generally More Approachable.

BEEN THERE, said that: “I only wear black”; “Black is the new black”; “I hate colour”; “I don’t care that it’s Christmas, granny, I’m not wearing that tackshow of a sweater”. I’m kidding… I call my grandmother nonna. But spring is here, it’s the dawn of a new day, and it’s time to fold away those pile-y black knits and incorporate some colour into your life. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves… After all, we are still chic fashionistas, not spinsters checking out the clearance at Sears. Save the overdone florals for the runway.


In my everyday life, I still like to keep it neutral. Enter Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 – Greenery. The colour itself is a brighter, more saturated version of the khaki green that’s been trendy for a hot minute. Here comes my revolutionary idea: use the colour of the year as inspiration for adding colour to your life. Whether it be a light, bright hue or the popular olive shade, consider it an essential neutral of 2017 and add it to your wardrobe, home decor, or otherwise. And here’s how I’d do it.

Part I: Fashion


First things first, one of the most wearable colours outside of your standard neutrals is green imo. It can be easy to incorporate greenery into your spring wardrobe because the shade goes so well with the basics we all already over-wear. Not to mention, it’s a popular colour for the year, so pieces in the hue will be within arms reach all season long. Pro Tip: Kill two birds with one stone and find popular items such as strappy bodysuits, trench coats, or military boots in the shade for extra style points. Also, anything with patches on it is a must-have right now.

  1. Strappy Bodysuit: TOPSHOP
  2. Patchwork Purse: MakeMeChic
  3. Chiffon Shirt: Mango
  4. Trench Coat: LLBean
  5. Baseball Cap: Nike
  6. Military Boots: Doc Martens
  7. Sunglasses: Princess Polly
  8. Backpack: Stella McCartney

Part II: Home

greenery home

As you can tell, I prefer brighter hues of the shade for home and lifestyle goods. The way I’ve always decorated a room is by sticking to neutral shades for the bigger, basic pieces and using colour in decor to accessorize. Easy ways to add green to your life at home is in candles, faux plants, area rugs and even serving ware. Pro Tip: Patterns are another great way to accent natural colours in a room. Palm leaf prints will be popular all season long in paper and home goods.

  1. Artificial Succulent: Allstate
  2. Serving Pitcher: Smiths of Loughton
  3. Linen Pillow: Designers Guild
  4. Graphic Plates: Vietri
  5. Daily Notebook: Ashley Stewart
  6. Area Rugs: HomeDecorators; Oriental Weavers
  7. Scented Candle: Modern Alchemy
  8. Nail Polish: Deborah Lippmann
  9. Faux Hydrangeas: Wedideas

And that is how I would add colour to my life and become an overall more approachable person. I’m excited for this colour of the year – it has become so popular, it’s basically a neutral. Which colour are you going to add to your life?



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